Compact Dual Powered Multi-Fluid Pump (CPE3326)

Compact Dual Powered Multi-Fluid Pump (CPE3326)


  • £129.99

Powered by either 12v DC or 230v AC (with transformer).

Delivery volume: approximately 16 litre/min (with water)

Suitable for:

  • Diesel
  • AdBlue®/DEF
  • Water
  • Kerosene
  • Antifreeze and windscreen wash solutions
  • Mild detergents
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Light oils

Suction tube length: 575 to 865mm

Accessories include 2" BSP to Trisure adaptor, DC cable clips - crocodile clips connect pump to batteries (cars, vehicles, etc.), DC cable - approximately 4m, AC/DC adaptor, AC cable - approximately 1m.

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