SAMOA® 230v AC Electric Oil Pump - 780 watt - 24 bar - 11 litre/min - WITH electronic pressure switch (CPE561310)


  • £789.99

Internal gear electric pumps for lubricants.

230 V - 50 Hz (single phase), IP-55 protection and on/off switch. Cast iron pump body, sintered steel gears and by-pass valve. Motor with mounting feet, the pump can be mounted horizontally on a flat surface or vertically to a wall.

Electric motor power: 780 w
Maximum pressure: 24 bar
Maximum delivery: 11 litre/min

Models with electronic pressure switch start automatically whenever a pressure drop in the distribution line occurs (i.e. when a delivery gun is opened) and stops once pressure is built again in the line (i.e. when a delivery gun is closed).

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